A visit by Swiss delegates

A group of delegates from the Switzerland embassy visited the National Institute of Fundamental Studies on 5th August,2021. This marks a new chapter in NIFS history, with Swiss delegates visiting NIFS research laboratories, and witnessing research progress by the NIFS scientists. The envoys were highly impressed with NIFS research work, and were immediately interested in pursuing a long-term work relationship with the Institute. The group were highly interested in Prof. Gamini Senevirathne’s Biofilm- Bio Fertilizers project and Prof. S.A. Kulasooriya’s Rhizobial inoculant research projects.

The NIFS, celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary in 2021, has always been the pioneer in Sri Lankan research sector, and is currently ranked 2nd among Sri Lankan Universities in AD scientific index rankings. Several decades of fundamental research have led to many important discoveries like Biofilm Bio Fertilizers, and the NIFS is continuing it’s restless pursue of knowledge. While the benefits of fundamental research to the society is not immediate, the NIFS has proven that Fundamental research yield practical and real-world solutions to burning social issues. The NIFS is looking forward to a fruitful partnership with the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss government.

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