Right to Information (RTI)

The NIFS is maintaines by the tax monies of the people in Sri Lanka. Thus, the fundamental principle being established is that the people have the right to know information of which the functions of the state are accomplished using public funds

Contact details of the Information Officers and the Designated Officer of NIFS appointed under section 23(1) of the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016, are provided here as per section 26(1) of the same Act.

Information Officer

Mrs. Chandrika Tilakaratna
Senior Assistant Librarian

Designated Officer

Mrs. M.P.W. Shiromani

How to get information from NIFS?

Download and fill the required forms from the following link and send it to rti@nifs.ac.lk or mail to

Information Officer,
National Institute of Fundamental Studies,
Hantana Road, Kandy

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