Presidental Awards 2018

The President’s Awards for Scientific Research-2020, organized by the National Research Council of Sri Lanka, was held on the 06th April 2021 at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. The awards were given out for the top-ranked research papers published in prestigious journals that had a substantial contribution from Sri Lankan scientists. The NIFS placed high among the recipients, with 6 NIFS Scientists and their research students receiving awards. The ceremony was held as an online event due to the pandemic situation, with the participation of only 20 researchers and the Council. Following Scientists from the NIFS received awards for their contribution towards science and research.




Prof. J Bandara,

Mr. K.N.L. De Silva

Catalysis Science and Technology


Superior solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion efficiency by visible light-driven hydrogen production via highly reduced Ti2+/Ti3+ states in blue-titanium dioxide photocatalyst


Prof. J Bandara

Mr.A. M. K. L. Abeykoon;

Mr. R. D. Senevirathne;

Mr. K. N. L. Silva;

Ultrasonics - Sonochemistry


Sono-photocatalytic production of hydrogen by interface modified metal oxide insulators


Prof S. P. Benjamin


Current Biology


Repeated Diversification of Ecomorphs in Hawaiian Stick Spiders


Prof. M.C.M. Iqbal

Parasites & Vectors


Empirical optimization of risk thresholds for dengue: an approach towards entomological management of Aedes mosquitoes based on larval indices in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka


Prof. M.C.M. Iqbal

Parasites & Vectors


Comprehensive evaluation of demographic, socio-economic and other associated risk factors affecting the occurrence of dengue incidence among Colombo and Kandy Districts of Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study


Prof. S Seneweera

Plant Cell and Environment


New insights into the cellular mechanisms of plant growth at elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations



Presidental Awards 2018Presidental Awards 2018