Best Researchers in the National Institute of Fundamental Studies of Sri Lanka - 2023


The “AD Scientific Index” shows the total and the last six-year productivity coefficients of scientists based on h-index and i10 index scores and citations in Google Scholar. Furthermore, the index provides the ranking and assessment of scientists in 19526 universities, 218 countries, and regions.

AD Scientific Index sheds life on academic lives and offers the user the opportunity to perform an efficient academic analysis to scrutinize and detect faulty and unethical profiles, plagiarism, forgery, distortion, duplications, fabrication, slicing, unfair authorship, and several manifestations of academic mobbing. Using a total of nine parameters, the “AD Scientific Index” shows the ranking of an individual scientist by 12 subjects.

Productivity Rankings is a unique service offered only by the “AD Scientific Index”. This is a ranking system derived from the i10 index in order to show the productivity of the scientist in publishing scientific articles of value. Productivity Rankings is an instrument that lists productive scientists in a given area, discipline, university, and country and can guide the development of meaningful incentives and academic policies. As per the “AD Scientific Index” the National Institute of Fundamental Studies is in 4th rank among 46 Universities/Institutions in Sri Lanka and ten academics of the National Institute of Fundamental Studies are among the top 20% of world scientists. 

We congratulated our top researchers who landed in AD Scientific Index – 2023

  • Prof. G.R.A. Kumara - Energy Engineering - Best In the Country
  • Prof. Gamini Seneviratne - Agriculture - Best In the Country
  • Prof. Jayasundara Bandara - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Best In the Country
  • Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake -Metallurgical & Materials Engineering -Best In the Country
  • Prof. Lalith Jayasinghe - Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science -Best In the Country
  • Dr. Ruvini Liyanage - Nutrition and Dietetics -Second Best in the Country
  • Prof. NKB Adikaram - Plant Science -Third best in the country
  • Prof. Wolfgang Dittus - Biological Science - Fourth best in the country
  • Prof. Nazrim Marikkar - Food Science and Engineering - Fourth best In the Country
  • Prof. G. Senadeera - Physics - Eighth in the country
  • Prof. Siril Wijesundara - Biological Science - Tenth in the country
  • Prof. S.A. Kulasooriya -Soil Sciences and Plant Nutrition - Best in the Country

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