Appointment of the Director

Senior Professor Saluka R. Kodituwakku has been appointed as the new Director of the National Institute of Fundamental Studies (NIFS) by the Board of Governance of the NIFS. The appointment was made on the 23rd of April 2022.

Prof.  Saluka Kodituwakku has served as the Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya, and the chair Professor of Statistics and Computer Science at the Department of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Peradeniya. He has served as a member of the Council of the University for seven years and a member of the Board of Management, PGIS for thirteen years. Prof. Kodituwakku graduated from the University of Peradeniya obtaining a B.Sc. Special Degree in Mathematics in 1992. Later he completed his M. Sc. in 1994 at AIT Thailand and Ph.D. in 2004 at RMIT University, Australia.