Science Education and Dissemination Unit


NIFS, the home for cutting edge research in Sri Lanka, contributes immensely in spreading the word of science not only in Sri Lanka but also around the world. The SEDU is our arm to share our findings, technologies and knowledge with the scientific community, school community and the general public. We interact with various stakeholders to broaden the scientific mindset of the nation.


Head of the Division

Science Education and Dissemination Unit
National Institute of Fundamental Studies
Hanthana Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka

Services Provided

Through many strategies we bring science and the art of research to Sri Lankans. We organize conferences, workshops, lab visits, School Science Programmes and various other programmes for the scientific and school community as well as the general public. In addition, there are several ongoing e-projects, news and feature articles in printed and electronic media to enhance the scientific literacy of the nation.