Plant Taxonomy and Conservation Research Programme

Protecting the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka

Protecting the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka

Research Focus

The Plant Taxonomy and Conservation project at the NIFS is involved in

(1) taxonomic and biogeographic studies of flora of Sri Lanka

(2) preparation of the National Red List for flora 

(3) sustainable use of plant resources 

(4) identifying factors that affect the conservation of flora of Sri Lanka including the prevalence of invasive alien species and

(5) restoration of ecology.

Why does this matter ?

Sri Lanka’s rich bio diversity is constantly threatened. Considering theses threats causing loss of habitat and the exceptional endemism of plants in this region, Sri Lanka along with the Western Ghats in India, is included in the global list of biodiversity hotspots. According to the 2012 National Red List, about 44% of our flowering plants are threatened. Conservation of our country’s floral wealth therefore becomes both a national and international priority.

The following are our ongoing projects:

Forest regeneration studies in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka

Control and mitigation of the impact of invasive alien species

Taxonomic studies of higher plants, lichens and fungi

Compilation of the National Red List of plants