Nanotechnology and Physics of Materials Research Programme

Technological advancement through Sri lankan minerals

Nanotechnology and physics of materials

Research Focus

Scientific investigations are carried out under 4 sub projects.

1.Development of Sri Lankan graphite for rechargeable battery applications

2.Advanced transition metal semiconductors for energy conversion applications

3.Deriving nano-materials and composites from Sri Lankan graphite. 

4.Developing materials for efficient water purification using local minerals

Why does this matter ?

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials are two emerging fields that are primarily responsible for the recent technological advancements in creating a new, highly profitable high-tech industrial applications. These applications are mostly dependent on material resources, specially acquired by upgrading natural minerals. Sri Lanka possess a variety of technologically important minerals, which can play a major role in these high-tech applications. However, upgrading these minerals suitable for these applications has almost been lacking in the country, due to the dearth of advanced scientific research conducted on higher value addition to our mineral resources. Therefore, these factors are carefully considered when planning our research activities through adapting or contributing to the advancement of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials fields. 

The target of these scientific investigations is the development of mineral resources in our country for highly profitable industrial applications as technological advancement in Sri Lanka has been moving at a snail’s pace. Our mission is to change this.