Computer Division


The Computer Division serves as the in house IT solution provider and is fully geared to provide a supportive role in fueling the Institute's progress. This division provides all the necessary software and hardware facilities for the research projects, administers the entire network system and ensures the smooth functioning of all aspects relating to the Institute's IT needs. Regular upgrades of network related software, acquisition of the latest and necessary hardware and the provision of enhanced and efficient service to all internet and IT system users is also conducted by the Computer Division. Having the IT service facility in house saves a lot of time and money in providing an efficient IT service to the Institute.


Head of the Division

Computer Division
National Institute of Fundamental Studies
Hanthana Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka

Services Provided

Provision of a customised IT service depending on the needs of the individual, installation of necessary software upgrades and resolving software and hardware related issues of all staff personal computers are some of the key responsibilities of the Computer Division. Another network related service that this division provides is the monitoring and maintenance of the optimum usage of the network lease line facility that enhances internet quality and ensures faster network access. The Computer Division also provides and maintains the virus guard facility and upgrades the necessary software required for the smooth and safe functioning of the network system.