Quantum Physics and Applied Electronics Research Programme

Pursuit of the true nature of the Quantum reality


Research Focus

The Quantum Physics research group at the NIFS was initiated in January 2016 and is currently engaged in investigating the fundamental aspects of Quantum to Classical Transition, Quantum chaos, Quantum Computing and Quantum non-locality. This research unit consists of projects under the areas of foundations of quantum mechanics and single bubble sonoluminescence. The sonoluminescence research group is involved in carrying out theoretical and experimental investigations to understand the light emission mechanism in single bubble sonoluminescence, one of the major unsolved problems in physics.

Why does this matter ?

Quantum phenomena explain many of the properties of electrons, protons, neutrons etc. Applications such as semiconductor electronics rely on Quantum Physics. Even 100 years after its inception, the fundamental aspect of quantum mechanics is one of the most dynamic areas of current physics research. Fundamental research on Quantum Non-locality, Quantum Entanglement and Quantum to Classical Transition is not only important in understanding the true nature of the Quantum reality  but also their existence has practical consequences, enabling much stronger forms of information processing, communication and quantum computing. 

Currently, investigations are underway in our laboratory on wave function collapse due to classical and quantum interactions, new types of quantum correlations without entanglement, quantum double slit experiment, single bubble to multi-bubble transition in sonoluminescence, single bubble sonoluminescence in radon dissolved water and the light emission mechanism in single bubble sonoluminescence.

Current Lab Members