Division for

Earth and Space Sciences

Advancing the frontiers of fundamental research

පෘථිවි හා අභ්‍යවකාශ විද්‍යාව

Research Focus

The Earth and Space Sciences Division has several multidisciplinary research programmes, some of which are in the state of inception, while others are in the state of continuing and completion. This division has remarkably wide spectrum of projects, cross-cutting the subject areas such as economic geology, mineralogy, petrology, applied geophysics, renewable energy, applications for energy and space technology, as well as theoretical modelling and approaches to understand the natural processes. Currently more focus is on the earth resources and renewable energy, with intention to understand them, as well as to exploit them for national development. In addition, understanding the origins of lithological complexes in Sri Lanka and thus improve the advanced knowledge of the subject is also an objective.


Division for Earth and Space Sciences
National Institute of Fundamental Studies
Hanthana Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka