Prof. I.M. Dharmadasa

Keynote address on ‘Use of readily available renewable energy in Sri Lanka to solve the energy crisis in the country’

I.M. Dharmadasa, PhD is an Emeritus Professor at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. He has four decades of research experience in both industry (BP Solar) and in academia. His research focuses on the development of next generation, low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells using electroplated semiconductors. Current efforts are focused on developing graded bandgap multi-layer solar cells. Prof. Dharmadasa has published over 260 articles, six patents, and two books on “Advances in Thin Film Solar Cells” and “Graded Bandgap Multi-Layer Solar Cells”. In this process, he has successfully supervised 30 PhDs, 14 years of postdoctoral research and examined 32 doctoral candidates. He is also actively involved in the promotion of clean energy for sustainable development and reduction of poverty. He has designed, piloted in 2008, monitored for several years and now replicating the “Solar Village” project. Five large solar villages have been established, and the replication is in progress.

Professor I.M. Dharmadasa