Enrichment Mechanisms of CKDu-Risk Factors in Ground Waters, Their Uptake Pathways and Potential Remedies

Eutrophication in aquatic systems around the globe has been increasing with time. As a consequence, the growth of cyanobacterial blooms noticeably increased. Secondary metabolites like cyanotoxins produced by cyanobacterial blooms can cause a deleterious effect on animals, plants and humans. In this project, we hypothesise cyanotoxins are a risk factor for Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu), a serious health concern in Sri Lanka. The research will significantly improve the current knowledge on the relationship of cyanotoxins, fluoride and electrolytes in groundwater and edible plant materials with the disease CKDu in the  CKDu endemic areas. Further, it focuses on the uptake mechanisms of these risk factors into the plants.