Dr. Mahesh Premarathna

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Research Fellow - Microbial Biotechnology

Dr. Mahesh Premarathna, a Research Fellow at the Microbial Biotechnology Unit of the NIFS, has started an impressive academic journey. Graduating with a B.Sc. Hons. in Agriculture (Specializing in Biotechnology) from Wayamba University of Sri Lanka in 2019, he continued to pursue his passion by obtaining a Ph.D. from the University of Peradeniya in 2023. His doctoral thesis, titled “Microbial Biofilms and their Network Interactions,” delved into the intricate dynamics of microbial communities. Currently, Dr. Premarathna holds positions as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Food Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, P R China, and as a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Biotechnology, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. His expertise has garnered recognition, including the 2022 Scientific Publications award from NIFS and invitations to speak at prestigious international conferences such as Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2022 and the International Academic Symposium on Microbial Stress Tolerance and Response 2023, both held in Guangzhou, China. At NIFS, Dr. Premarathna is an integral part of the pioneering Biofilm-based Biofertilizers (BFBF) group, where he contributes to innovative applications of microbial biofilms. His prolific research output spans numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations at international conferences. Beyond his own research, he actively engages in the scientific community as an editor and reviewer for esteemed journals and as a mentor to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Being a member of esteemed professional societies like the Sri Lankan Society for Microbiology and the Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka, Dr. Premarathna’s research primarily revolves around Biofilm Microbiology. However, his diverse interests encompass Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microfluidics, Soil Carbon Sequestration, Astrobiology, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Food Science, Biofilm Medicines, and Philosophy, reflecting his multidisciplinary approach to scientific inquiry.

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