Instruments and Maintenance Division


The Instrument Maintenance Division ( IMD ) was established at the Institute's inception in 1986. The main objective of this division is to support all research activities and projects occurring in the Institute by ensuring proper functioning of all research related equipment - from the very basic to high end analytical instruments used in various research activities. The IMD, in the future, envisions the building of a well-equipped instrument maintenance facility and the acquisition of thorough knowledge that will enhance the quality of service rendered not only to the Institute but also the country as a whole.


Head of the Division

Instruments and Maintenance Division
National Institute of Fundamental Studies
Hanthana Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka

Services Provided

IMD not only oversees the proper functioning of a wide array of analytical instruments but also ensures the smooth functioning of the entire telephone system of the Institute. It also maintains the automated attendance system, the central UPS system, the back up power generator and distribution system of the institute. Moreover, the IMD participates and serves in various committees appointed by the Director and also prepares and sets necessary specifications for the purchase of instruments required for research. Extending assistance and sharing insights and experiences with other institutes in terms of troubleshooting instrumentation problems, conducting instrument training programs and reinstallation of various analytical instruments is a highlighted and distinctive feature of the IMD. This division also designs, organizes and conducts, with the support of colleagues, a number of instrumentation training programs at other institutes around the country on a regular basis.