Praveena Shanmugam

Senior Subject Matter Expert
Trainee Translator in 2009

Where has your exposure at NIFS taken you?

I joined IFS, soon after I completed my ALs. It was such a warming and encouraging environment for a school leaver to see lot of scientists and researchers also the laboratory setups. Those days, I had a thought that, if I don't enter medical faculty my life will be nothing but after joining IFS only I got to know there a lot more than mbbs and that was when I was able to choose my career and to pursue my undergrads in biotechnology. Having had the opportunity to see the various laboratories and RAs, I found to easy to carry out my university projects and score good marks. Even now, I value a lot for NIFS for giving me a lifetime opportunity to work and visit laboratories.

There's a lot more opportunities in the world you have to choose your path based on your desire. Be grateful for every opportunity because each will add to your learning curve