Ilesha Ileperuma Arachchi

Teaching assistant/PhD student
Research Assistant in 2015

Where has your exposure at NIFS taken you?

I would like to consider NIFS as the turning point in my academic career. During my tenure as a research assistant and a M.Phil student, I was exposed to many opportunities to gain and share knowledge and also to sharpen my skills related to the field with the facilities offered at NIFS. I had an excellent guidance and supervision (PI:Prof. Suresh P. Benjamin, EEB) throughout my project and really had a time to grow academically in that motivating working environment. My experience and performance at NIFS has paved the way to peruse my PhD. Thus undoubtedly , working in NIFS is one of the the best opportunities I've got in my life.

Work with passion. Finish the work you have started and put your maximum effort to bring best out of what ever you do.