Dr. Hasintha Wijesekara

Senior Lecturer
Research Assistant in 2014

Where has your exposure at NIFS taken you?

Applied research will not strongly stand without a reasonable understanding in fundamental sciences. At IFS, I was able to acquire a substantial knowledge and a skill set in both the fundamental science and applied research. This globally renowned place become the turning point in my career, I became a professional researcher with the IFS training and exposure, subsequently directing me a recipient of a number of awards including the Presidential Award for scientific publications. I strongly believe, IFS is the best and most prominent institute in the country for someone who seeks a place to becomes a researcher. It has almost everything: a unique team of best senior scientists, 24 hr access to high-tech instruments with states-of-art laboratories, multi-disciplinary research environment, best technical and other supporting services, accommodation facilities at the pleasant IFS premises and high-stipends for early career researchers. I wish all the very best to the IFS to light up and continue shining as the most prestigious research institute in Sri Lanka !

The best place to become a professional researcher