Dammika Prasad Wijethunga

Senior Software Engineer
Research Assistant in 2009

Where has your exposure at NIFS taken you?

I believe that joining NIFS is the turning point of my career. Specially, I was really lucky to have Prof. Asiri Nanayakkara as my supervisor at NIFS and He is one of the brightest minds I have ever met in my lifetime. I have learnt how to plan and do a research in proper way and how to present the finding in proper way under his guidance. I was able to study and work in few different areas such as Electronics, Artificial intelligence, Computer programming, Physics and Mathematics. Apart from my research works I was able to join NIFS science dissemination unit activities and some laboratory instrument modification (software modifications) activities which were very interesting for me. Although I am a physics graduate, these activities which is relevant to computer programming and electronics have directed my career direction to software development. Therefore I strongly believe that my NIFS experience is one of turning point of my career.

There isn’t one correct path in life. Pursue something that brings you joy and make your major work for you.