National Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (NCMR) 2020

Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

  • Duration of the presentation is 10 minutes 
  • Presentations will be pre-recorded via a meeting software between 28th to 30th  September 2020
  • Exact date and time of recording and any relevant information will be informed to the presenting author.
  • Presenters should prepare a PowerPoint presentation
  • Slide size should be wide screen (aspect ratio 16:9)
  • Presenters will be asked to participate in a live Q&A session (maximum of 5 minutes) scheduled during the conference program

 Poster Presentation

  • Please use the A0 poster template provided 
  • Font sizes of the poster; Title: 95-80 pt, Names: 80-60 pt, Affiliation: 60-40 pt, Body: 50-32 pt, Figure captions/Table headings: 30-25 pt, References: 30-20 pt,  Font: Arial
  • Poster should be submitted in jpeg format using the google form on or before 1st October 2020
  • Authors may also submit an optional audio/video no longer than 2 minutes. 
  • Please name the jpeg file and any audio or video file as Abstract ID_ NCMR2020 (e.g. BS01_NCMR2020)
  • All the posters and any audio/ video file submitted will be made available to registered conference participants from 6th October 2020 onward. Participants will be allowed to ask questions from the authors via a feedback form provided for each poster.
  • Authors  are recommended to include title, author’s names and their affiliations, abstract, an introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion acknowledgement and references (If any) in their posters. 

Presentation material will only be made available to conference attendees (i.e. those who have registered for the virtual conference) for a limited period of time. However, with the author’s permission video recordings of the oral presentations and jpeg of the poster presentations will be made available to the general public via the conference webpage after the conference.

Any conference participant who wishes to discuss the contents of the presentation after the conference may contact the author of correspondence via the email address provided in the conference proceedings pdf, made available to them.

Guidelines for submission of revised abstract

Below are the guidelines for submitting the revised camera ready copy of your abstract for NCMR 2020.

  1. Please prepare your revised Camera-Ready-Copy of Abstract by substantially addressing all reviewers’ comments sent to you using the template provided. 
  2. Title: Only first letter of first word should be UPPERCASE, except where it is a proper noun (font : Times new roman,14 pt, bold, center aligned)
  3. Authors: Authors names with initials and surnames, mention the corresponding author with an asterisk mark and underline the presenting author’s name. (font: Times new roman, 11 pt, center aligned)
  4. Author affiliations: If necessary author affiliations should be distinguished by superscript numbers (font: Times New Roman ,11 pt, center aligned)
  5. Email address of corresponding author: the e-mail address of the corresponding author should be given in a new line after the affiliations (font: Times new roman ,11 pt, center aligned)
  6. Body of the abstract: The abstract should be a single paragraph and should not exceed 300 words. (font: Times new roman, 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, justified)
  7. Keywords: Maximum of 5 keywords separated by semicolons(;) which best describe your study (font: Times new roman, 11 pt, Italic, left aligned, lower case )
  8. Revised abstract should be submitted as a MS word document. Please save file as Abstract ID_NCMR2020 ( e.g. BS01_NCMR2020)
  9. Submit your revised Camera-Ready-Copy of abstract using the below link. 


If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please email us at