Keerthi Siri Guruge

Prof. Keerthi Siri Guruge

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor from 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2021


Professor Keerthi S. Guruge completed his BSc in General Science with a first class from the University of Peradeniya in 1985. He obtained his MSc from Kochi University, Japan in 1992. Prof Guruge completed his PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences at Ehime University, Japan in 1997. He also completed his Post doctorate program under the JSPS fellowship in 1999. In 1999, he joined the National Institute of Animal Health, Tsukuba, Japan as the first foreign researcher (and Sri Lankan) and the head of the toxicology unit. Prof Guruge also serves as an adjunct professor in the Osaka prefecture University, Osaka, Japan. Currently he has 2850 citations with a  H-index of 27 in Google Scholar.

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